New Co-op Misson: THE DEAD OF NIGHT

It’s a lot like a Zombie horde mode, just Starcraftier.

Inspired by Left2Die and just like any horde mode game, you will be faced with wave after wave of the infested enemies. They only come at night giving you the day time to regroup and try kill the enemy base to survive the next night. With a whole lot of special units, it looks like it will be fun.

To see what exactly you’ll be up against, let’s take a look at the two bosses:

It’s a stinky tank that can take a lot of damage that has cleave and bonus damage to buildings. Unlike any other infested it can stay alive in daylight.

Nydus Worm
This bastard will appear anywhere on the map (most probably inside your base) and constantly spawn more infested until it is dead.

Let me know what you think if you play this mission. GL with it!


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