A look at the new Galio

An ancient tale told by the old, of a stone giant that once protected the people of Demacia. Only awakening when he is most needed. That time is now. Once again Galio has awoken to fight!

League of Legends have just given us the ins and out of Galio after leaving us with a teaser not so long ago.


Passive: Colossal Smash
After its cooldown, Galio’s next attack will deal extra damage. Every ability he hits on an enemy champion will reduce its cooldown.

Q: Winds of War
Firing two gusts of wind from his wings, dealing damage to all enemies hit. Where to two blasts collide they will deal bonus damage based on the target’s max health.

W: Sheild of Durand
When holding W, Galio takes reduced damage but moves a lot slower.
Once released, every enemy around Galio gets taunted. The range and duration of the ability is based on how long you held the ability.

E: Justice Punch
After jumping back, Galio leaps forward and knocks the first enemy champion into the air.

R: Hero’s Entrance
Galio jumps up and flies to an ally champion. While flying he grants the ally the same defence Sheild of Duran gives. When landing he knocks them up dealing magic damage. Enemies in the centre get knocked up for longer and take more damage.

Galio will be coming with the 7.5 patch. I would recommend reading them asap to keep ahead of what’s to come.



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