Fertility, life, animals, wealth… the underworld. Cernunnos, The Horned God is the next Celtic God to enter Smite. He is the circle of life and ruler of the seasons. Cernunnos was the obvious follow-up after The Morrigan as they are the two core Gods of the Celtic pantheon, at least to modern knowledge of the beliefs.


Heavy Glaive
This is Cernunnos’ passive. While being a ranged God, all enemies that are in melee range when attacked will take bonus damage when attacked.

Shifter of Seasons
Cernunnos can give his glaive with the power of the seasons, each time this is activated Cernunnos will shift to the next season.

  • Spring Growth: Physical Lifesteal.
  • Summer Heat: Bonus Damage.
  • Autumn Decay: Debuff for 5sec.
  • Winter Chill: Slow for 1sec.

Bramble Blast
Cernunnos fires a thorn in a straight line. The first enemy it hits takes damage and gets rooted. When it hits an enemy, wall or reaches it max distance it will explode dealing damage and create an area of thorns. The thorns deal damage every 5sec and also give a slow that lasts for 5sec.

Horn Charge
Charging forward, Cernunnos goes through all enemies and deals damage to them.

The Wild Hunt
After a short delay, Cernunnos selects an area where the Wild Hunt begins, damaging and turning all enemies into wild boars.

He looks like a very adaptable God that has a lot of good damage and crowd control. Definitely a nice addition to the Smite lineup and a great God to add to the Celtic pantheon.

Click HERE to see what else Cernunnos brought with him in the 4.4 Patch.


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