It’s been a long time coming now. 7.03 is here and it has come with the long-awaited Arcana for Juggernaught.

Yurnero’s mask has been cleaved in two, awakening the ancient souls that once laid dormant inside it. These spirits have become one with Yurnero, giving him both the wisdom and fury of his ancestors. This symbiotic relationship has transformed the Juggernaut into something new and terrifying… a celestial force of nature.

The Juggernaut Arcana comes with a lot of effects and animation. One thing that is new and incredibly nice is that most effects that your items already actually combine with the arcana’s effects.

  • New animations for Loadout, Alternate Run, Teleport, Victory
  • Custom Kill effect that triggers after a lethal crit or Omnislash, or on Triple Kills and higher
  • All-new effects for crits, Bladefury, and Omnislash
  • A Dragon Spirit ancestor to aid the Juggernaut in times of need
  • Altered Voice
  • Custom Hero Portrait
  • Custom Dragon Spirit Emoticon

Now with everything that the Arcana brings, there are some things that make it not so great. The colour for one. While blue and green are not bad looking, Juggernaut has always had a warm colour scheme even when sets break it a little bit. What would have been an awesome way around it is colour gems, much like Terrorblades Arcana. Yes, that has been done before but it would have avoided a problem with the huge change in colour.Let me know in the comments if there was something you would change to the Arcana.


The new Jakiro is hatched and ready
Jakiro Remodel

Talk about a hero that needed a remodel. Jakiro has long been awaiting a day where his body didn’t look like clay and now, here they are in all their new glory.

I’m not going to go into all the detailed patch notes here as I really do think you should read them yourself. If you have yet to do so click HERE. I can’t explain how important I think reading the patch notes are.

I hope 7.03 brings you many victories! GLHF



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