Dropshot: A new mode for April

The next free mode will be arriving and it’s going to come smashing in.

In April you will be seeing Dropshot available. This mode puts a twist on the regular soccer cars as there aren’t any “goals” instead you make goals by breaking the field beneath you. If you can get the new electrified ball through the floor of the enemy teams side, you get a goal.

The way the field breaks is if get the ball to hit it once, the panel on the ground will activate. The second time will break it and open a spot for you to score on. The electrified ball has its own interesting mechanic. Each time it is hit by a car without hitting the ground it builds up charges. There are 3 charges each making it do more impace when it lands on the ground, from phase 1 affecting 1 tile to phase 3 with 19 tiles, the new ball can really pack a punch.

With a huge emphasis on damage, some aggressive play won’t only be fun but awarding too. When this is out, leave a comment to how you find the new mode, Dropshot.


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