PROBIUS joins the Nexus

It’s the probe with the spirit of an army. Probius, the curious probe, is the next hero to join the Nexus in Heroes of the Storm. Making buildings, slowing enemies and just being amazing is what Probius is all about.

A unique thing about Probius is that it doesn’t use mounts. Instead, Probius moves 10% faster all the time. Probius can move even faster, instead of having a mount, he gains Workers Rush that gives him a speed boost for a short time.

Basic Abilities

Warp In Pylon
This is Probius trait. Probius can warp in a Pylon that gives vision and allows Probius to rapidly regain mana while in its radius.

Disruption Pulse
Probius fires a blast of energy that goes through enemies in a straight line dealing damage to all enemies it hits.

Warp Rift
Opening a Warp Rift slows all enemies in its AOE. If hit by Disruption pulse it explodes dealing damage.

Photon Cannon
Probius warps in a Photon Cannon that shoots at enemies. It must be placed within the AOE of a Pylon or else it will be deactivated.

Heroic Abilities

Pylon Overcharge
Pylons gain shields equal to 50% of their max HP. When activated Pylons AOE increases and the Pylons can attack enemies.

Null Gate
Probius creates a gate of negative energy. Any enemy that is in contact with the gate will be slowed.

Probius looks like it will be a lot of fun with a lot of not seen before mechanics. Hope you all kick ass with Probius in the Nexus!



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