Save the Canals… or blow them up

The terrorist group, Pheonix, has taken to the Italy. Two big tourist attractions in the Canals are their targets. SEAL Team 6 has been sent to stop them and free the Canals of terrorism.

Taking inspiration from Italy, the new map for CS:GO looks beautiful. Canals go from a very open area to a smaller more compact area allowing for a lot of different strategies. Choice of weaponry here is key as you need to be equipped differently for each bomb site. This will make life difficult for the CT side but careful strategy and well-executed plans will turn the tides.

canals03_a_smallSite A

canals04_b_smallSite B

Pheonix Upgrade

phoenix_blog_smallThe new Pheonix Terrorists are looking nice!

There is also a new Spectrum Case with a lot of good looking skins. If you want to see them and all the other patch notes click HERE.


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