A week of Elder Scrolls: Legends

Elder Scrolls: Legends has been in BETA for a long time now and recently was released. I may have not been a part of the BETA but I did spend the last week playing the game and seeing what it is like.

The game is a strategy card game based on the Elder Scrolls lore. Similar to most online games there is a casual and a ranked playthrough but then there is a story mode. The story is about you a forgotten hero put into a bad situation where you group up with friends and take on the evil. It may be a simple story line but it is told incredibly well and I thoroughly enjoyed it. My only issue with the story is that too many people follow you way too easily. There is no way my character can be that charismatic.

As for gameplay, it is similar to all strategy card games. You draw cards that have stats and effects that you use to kill your opponent. Legends does have some twists. The board has two lanes, one is a regular lane and the other is a stealth lane. Cards can’t attack others cards that aren’t in their lane and the stealth lane hides a card from attacks, but not spells and damage effects, for one turn.


If you like the Elder Scrolls or you like strategy card games, I really suggest you try this game. Even if you don’t wish to spend time getting into ranking, the story mode is entertaining enough to keep you busy.


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