Start the Celestial Voyage

The next event for Smite will be based on Egyptian mythology. Play Smite, collect hieroglyphs and solve puzzles to get unique rewards until Patch 4.8 which is said to come out around the 9th of May.

How the event works: you are given quests through hieroglyphs. You can only complete one quest at a time and when you do, you will activate the hieroglyph. You can then activate that hieroglyph to gain a bonus reward. Every time you complete a quest you will also be given 100 favour, an Enigma Chest, or 30 Fantasy Points depending on the quest.

The bonus rewards include a lot of skins and other cosmetics that look really good. Among this, the Star Scribe Thoth set (the image above).

Best of luck to all of you taking part in the event! May you get all the best stuff.


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