Mammoth Celebrations!

The new Hearthstone year is coming so it is time to celebrate. Starting today, if you sign into Hearthstone once a day you will get the reward for that day. Here is the list of rewards: March 29: 50 Gold March 30: Mean Streets of Gadgetzan card pack March 31: 100 Dust April 1: Whispers of the Old... Continue Reading →


MORE Quest Cards

On the 21st and the 22nd, Hearthstone has given use 2 more quest cards. One for shaman and the other for rogue. So let's take a look at them: First, we have the Shaman Quest. We are obviously looking at the future of Murloc Shaman here. With cards like Finja and Call in the Finishers,... Continue Reading →


So last night, some of the new cards were revealed by Day9 and Peter Whalen. Some of them look amazing and some look like they will be just a lot of fun. There's a total of 11 new cards and Peter Whalen hinted at revealing more with bigger events coming closer to April! Here are our... Continue Reading →

Heroic Tavern Brawl is back

When this started it caused a lot of drama. The game mode is now back. Heroic Tavern Brawl works a lot like Arena. You pay to enter and play trying to get 12 wins. The difference is you make your own deck from the cards you have. This does ruin the fun for the free... Continue Reading →

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