So last night, some of the new cards were revealed by Day9 and Peter Whalen. Some of them look amazing and some look like they will be just a lot of fun. There's a total of 11 new cards and Peter Whalen hinted at revealing more with bigger events coming closer to April! Here are our... Continue Reading →


Save the Canals… or blow them up

The terrorist group, Pheonix, has taken to the Italy. Two big tourist attractions in the Canals are their targets. SEAL Team 6 has been sent to stop them and free the Canals of terrorism. Taking inspiration from Italy, the new map for CS:GO looks beautiful. Canals go from a very open area to a smaller... Continue Reading →

Gwent Challenger: Qualifiers

Gwent, The Witcher card game is having a tournament. For anyone out there who has been given a BETA key, it's your time prove yourself and get the chance to play against some of the well-known eSports faces out there.If your one of the 4 people to make it through If you're one of the... Continue Reading →


It's been a long time coming now. 7.03 is here and it has come with the long-awaited Arcana for Juggernaught. Yurnero’s mask has been cleaved in two, awakening the ancient souls that once laid dormant inside it. These spirits have become one with Yurnero, giving him both the wisdom and fury of his ancestors. This symbiotic... Continue Reading →

PROBIUS joins the Nexus

It's the probe with the spirit of an army. Probius, the curious probe, is the next hero to join the Nexus in Heroes of the Storm. Making buildings, slowing enemies and just being amazing is what Probius is all about. A unique thing about Probius is that it doesn't use mounts. Instead, Probius moves 10% faster all... Continue Reading →

Dropshot: A new mode for April

The next free mode will be arriving and it's going to come smashing in. In April you will be seeing Dropshot available. This mode puts a twist on the regular soccer cars as there aren't any "goals" instead you make goals by breaking the field beneath you. If you can get the new electrified ball through... Continue Reading →

Get Cho’Gall for free!

Do you have a friend who has Cho'Gall but you don't? Well, it's time to start nagging that friend because starting tomorrow if you win two games playing as Cho'Gall together you will unlock him permanently. This quest will last till the 4th of April so you have plenty of time. GL battling with your friends... Continue Reading →

A look at the new Galio

An ancient tale told by the old, of a stone giant that once protected the people of Demacia. Only awakening when he is most needed. That time is now. Once again Galio has awoken to fight! League of Legends have just given us the ins and out of Galio after leaving us with a teaser... Continue Reading →

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