Mammoth Celebrations!

The new Hearthstone year is coming so it is time to celebrate. Starting today, if you sign into Hearthstone once a day you will get the reward for that day. Here is the list of rewards: March 29: 50 Gold March 30: Mean Streets of Gadgetzan card pack March 31: 100 Dust April 1: Whispers of the Old... Continue Reading →


Easter is coming to Rocket League

If you haven't seen by now, Rocket League has been giving out Easter items as random drops. For those interested in getting them all, you will be able to find Easter Egg Antennas, Easter Basket Toppers and Bunny Ears Topper.

Start the Celestial Voyage

The next event for Smite will be based on Egyptian mythology. Play Smite, collect hieroglyphs and solve puzzles to get unique rewards until Patch 4.8 which is said to come out around the 9th of May. How the event works: you are given quests through hieroglyphs. You can only complete one quest at a time... Continue Reading →

MORE Quest Cards

On the 21st and the 22nd, Hearthstone has given use 2 more quest cards. One for shaman and the other for rogue. So let's take a look at them: First, we have the Shaman Quest. We are obviously looking at the future of Murloc Shaman here. With cards like Finja and Call in the Finishers,... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday SMITE

It's been 3 years since Smite was released and it's time to celebrate. From today to the 27th of March, Smite will have different rewards and bonuses every day. There will also be a skin contest to look out for. For all the event details click HERE. Happy 3rd birthday Smite!


Due to the event ending earlier than announced. For Azeroth! has started again. All your previous progress will be saved so you can get these two sexy mounts by the 26th.


They didn't just add a new colour, they made it better! There was a huge demand for a new recolour for the Bladeform Legacy Arcana and Dota 2 answered the fans. They didn't just answer them but they made it better. Now the Juggernaught Arcana has a new style that you can obtain by killing... Continue Reading →

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